I'm a freelance Graphic Designer based in Saltburn, England, specialising in web design, email marketing, logo design and photography.

I've been designing for almost half of my life, I love surfing and I've explored some awesome & strange places around the world.

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Din-o-mite 3-D

Identity, Design & Print

Din-o-mite 3-D Colouring Book is unlike traditional 3-D (red and green lenses), this revolutionary colouring system looks great even without the special glasses... but, when you put them on, the colours literally 'pop' right off the page. It also comes with a set of pen inks that were specially formulated to produce the maximum 3-D effect.

I was contacted by Show n' Tell Publishing, based in L.A. and asked to turn their best-selling children's book 'Din-o-mite in Aaron's Closet' (written by Richard Wrate) into a 3-D Colouring Book.

I (of course) jumped at the chance to get involved in such an exciting project, and get my hands stuck into developing this revolutionary colouring system from the ground up. Working together with the team in L.A. (via Skype) we developed different techniques and variations to get the best 3-D effect from every page.

My role was to design and develop a 32 page colouring book using illustrations (By Roberto Casale) featured in the children's book 'Din-o-mite in Aaron's Closet', create a brand identity, logo (in keeping with the story book logo), front & back cover, 3-D glasses and pen insert to explain how each ink colour works.

This book is currently only available to buy in the US and online at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, in Los Angeles.

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